Narrative & Game Design

Robot High Five is a game design partnership between life partners Pete Vellucci Jr and Sarah Landstrom.

While primarily focusing their creative efforts on tabletop games, but also experimenting with videogames, they follow one simple mission statement, "Create playfully. Play creatively."

The pair began designing games together in the spring of 2016, with Pete focusing on core systems and narrative design and Sarah handling co-design tasks while also bringing the duo's ideas to life through her artistic skills.

The couple are currently working in the final stages of their first major release, All or One, a social deduction and manipulation game.


All or One is an escape room where the puzzle is the people. A game of conversation, compromise, survival, and sacrifice.

After each being dealt a secret role and privately held item, the game begins with the players trapped together -- in an empty, exitless room, save for a trapdoor marked for death. With no visible means of immediate escape, the players are soon instructed to select among themselves, one to die by sacrifice in order for the others to be set free. A hidden timer begins counting down, and if the group can not reach an agreement before it expires, gas will flood the room, killing everyone inside.

What argument could you make to prove your life is worth saving? And how far will you go to ensure you get out alive... if that’s even the personal end goal you are trying to achieve.

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Here's the footage (with dialog) most of that trailer was pulled from: