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Role Cards

The Assistant:

The Athlete:

The Clock-watcher: [image source removed by creator]

The Clone: [my own]

The Date:

The Doomsayer:

The Infected:

The Kid: [image source removed by creator]

The Layabout:

The Loner: [image source removed by creator]

The Lunatic: [my own]

The Mafioso:

The Martyr:

The Mastermind:

The Medium:

The Muscle:

The Protector:

The Psychologist:

The Saboteur:

The Survivalist:


Special Item Cards


Duct Tape:

Fake ID:


Literal Shield:

Notepad & Pen:

Skeleton Key:

Smelling Salts:

Sticky Fingers:

Tinfoil Hat:


Zip Tie: