Update #10 - A Campaign Half Full!

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

We've reached 50% funded!

We're gonna keep doing everything we can on our end to keep pushing onward and upward. We hope for your continued support in spreading the word; every friend who backs brings us one step closer to getting this game into your hands!

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Favs and Likes are great, but sharing the Kickstarter link shows friends you believe in this project. Super high fives (and sincere thanks) to everyone who has shared our tweets and posts thus far!

Community Content Pack
& New Limited Reward Tiers

For those who missed it or pledged sometime after the previous update, we're now offering a $15 add-on with the Community Content Pack, and there are still some spots left in our new limited reward tiers!


And just to be clear, there's no additional shipping necessary; simply add $15 on to your existing pledge level to receive the limited edition Community Content Pack!

Meet Our Cats Live Stream

We've got another live stream coming up this week; this one will be a casual, fun, totally not game related stream. We've received comments and compliments on our cats showing up in our pitch video, and that was just two of our five -- we have FIVE cats! So, we wanted to offer a lighthearted live stream where we'll show off our five cats and Sarah will tell you their origin stories and we'll field cat related questions!

New Game Play Videos

Finally, we recently revised our campaign page to prioritize archived live stream links and video content near the top; if you haven't checked back in a while, the most recent videos are of game play demos from this past weekend when we showed the game at OMSI's (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry) Mini Maker Faire as part of Game Lab Oregon.

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