Update #11 - Heading into our final week...

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Cats & Cats!

Did you get a chance to check out yesterday's Meet Our Cats stream? If you were watching live, we apologize for the technical difficulties which caused the stream to stop without notice and cut out a big chunk of playtime with the cats; we did immediately start a second live stream as soon as we did notice so as to at least wrap things up.

Both part 1 and part 2 are now archived!

And with that we can announce:


Reminder: there is no additional shipping charges for the add-ons, simply increase your selected reward tier's base pledge amount by the add-on(s) cost; surveys will be sent after the campaign concludes to determine all appropriate items to be shipped.

Rewards Recap Infographic:

To clarify the reward tiers, we've added this infographic to the campaign page. As of the time of posting this update, there are still a few slots available in the three limited reward tiers!


You'll notice a brand new, high cost, prestige reward has been added; want to be credited on all production copies of All or One? Become one of our Super Backers and receive the greatest of high fives and our sincerest thanks!

Campaign Page Revisions

You may have noticed some changes happening to the campaign page if you've checked in on it more than once, perhaps returning to view our recently added video content. After receiving some helpful advice, we've restructured our campaign to focus a potential backer's immediate attention on the game and why it's something special; you can still find the videos and live stream section further down the campaign page. We have a couple more changes which may be of interest and which we are hoping to finalize and post to the campaign before it wraps... but we'll hold those announcements for now.

Update on EU Shipping

We've heard from the EU crowdfunding community that being lumped in with our "rest of the world" shipping charge has been a deterrent for them; we appreciate you EU backers who've supported us nonetheless. After much more research, contacting various parties, and looking into available options, it does seem that our choices are extremely limited. An issue with Kickstarter is that as soon as someone backs at any given reward tier, the project creator's ability to adjust things in that tier become limited, and those limitations only increase as more backers hop aboard that tier; as it is, we literally can no longer separate the EU out from the Rest of the World as a shipping option (we've contacted Kickstarter directly regarding this issue). We've also looked into the possibility of splitting the product shipment to at least make our project EU friendly, however, our printer has corroborated what we already figured on our own: doing a split shipment for a tiny number of units on what is already a small print run will be extremely expensive and not at all cost effective for us. So we find ourselves in an unfortunate circumstance where we cannot meet the lower shipping demand of the EU backers and our only real option is to promise that if we garner a sizable number of EU backers (100 or more) despite our high shipping cost then we would absolutely do a split shipment to at least be EU friendly. Our apologies to any potential or current EU backers disappointed with this decision, we hope we can still count on your continued support.

What's in store for our final week?

If you're local to the Portland, OR area, we will be out demoing the game at The Portland Game Store the evening of 9/23, at Game Knight Lounge the evening of 9/24, and at Ground Kontrol's indie game night the evening of 9/28!

We're also discussing how best to spend the soon approaching final 48 hours... stay tuned!

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It's going to come down to the wire....

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