Update #12 - Final Character Art Sample

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

A lot of you have asked us for it, so we've mocked up a sample of what you can expect from the final character art! And by we, I mean Sarah, since she's the character artist and will be the one transforming those of you who've backed at either the limited Model or the limited Actor tiers into actual characters in our game!

We've inserted a video and a static image showing off the final art mockup into our campaign page, but for those eager to see it right now, we'll include both right here in this update:

If the included video doesn't play for you, it can also be viewed directly at the following link: https://spark.adobe.com/video/5HHYn3uu0MSSr

Here's a static look at the potential and hidden cards for the mock Witch role. Because this character is not included in the current iteration of the prototype, the icons and wording are loosely used just for example purposes; however, it is likely this character will be refined and included as a bonus in the final production copy of the game.


We hope seeing this sample of what we intend for final character art will instill extra confidence in our ability to produce a quality product and to retain the original vision of this game's thematic elements. And, if seeing this sparks a desire to become a character yourself, there are stillsome limited slots left in both the Model and Actor tiers!

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