Update #14 - 36 Hours To Go

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

A day and a half. That's all that remains for this campaign.

At the time of this post we've currently raised just under $10,000 of our $14,000 goal. From what we've heard, and what we've seen ourselves in projects we have personally backed, it's still entirely possible for the remaining amount needed to surge in during the final hours; however, that won't just magically happen on its own. We still need to be spreading the word as much as we can, and we would still emphatically appreciate your help in doing so! Share the campaign link anywhere and everywhere you are able. Share with others why you're backing this game. Share on social media, text your friends, tell your family.

We really do appreciate all the support everyone has given us so far, and we want to incentivize and reward continued support in these final hours.

Following this update: Anyone who shares our campaign through TwitterFacebook, and/or Instagram (remember to tag our account and include the campaign link) will receive a bonus character card: The Crowdfunder - a character who's main goal is to persuade the other players to generously help them (and who would also like to survive).

We can still totally succeed!

A couple other quick things:

Pete will be hosting one last live stream tomorrow at 3PM Pacific time, he'll answer any questions, chat about the game and other topics, and will show off cards from the original 2014 prototype to discuss how the game has progressed.


And one final video has also been added to the campaign page, a brief edit of just a few of the kind comments players chose to share with us following their demo of the game.

Source: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/robot...