Update #15 - Nearly There!

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

We're less than 15 hours away from either success or... well, not success. We certainly can't call it failure when we've had so much support, encouragement, and general positivity along the way!

As we come down to the nail-biting wire, we just want to make sure to remind all backers who may not have already been aware, we do have a couple add-on options if you'd like to get some limited/special edition cards with your game!



And remember, there's no additional shipping charge for the add-ons, simply raise your current pledge amount by the add-on amount ($15 for CCP, $10 for Cats, or $20 for both) and we'll send out backer reward surveys after we (hopefully) succeed to make sure all who raised their pledge amounts get the proper add-on packs!

One Last Time (we promise)

We're gonna ask you to spread, spread, spread the word!

Remember, if you share our campaign link on social media, be sure to tag our accounts on either TwitterFacebook, or Instagram, and you'll receive a special bonus character, The Crowdfunder!

If you can, try to share the link with your own words of why you are backing and/or why you think other's should back as well; a personal statement is much more powerful and persuasive than a simple link share.

Thank you everyone!

We are so, so close!

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