Update #18 - Wow! Woah! What?!

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

Looks like we made it!

We've been part of some close call campaigns before, but always as backers never the creators, and certainly never any which seemed that nerve-frayingly close! If you were there with us at the end, perhaps watching along with the countdown live stream, the tension felt in those final moments was actually pretty fitting considering that's what many games of All or One which make it into the 5th and 6th round ratchet up to! We designed a game about uncertain starts, paranoid middles, and high-tension ends, so this entire Kickstarter ride seems only fitting!

What's next?

Well first, we're gonna take a short break. This has honestly been the most stressful and exhausting month for the both of us. We want to peel our eyes away from social media and give our voices a rest from constant demoing. But we won't be gone long, and we'll update you with a proper road-map of planned project progression when we return. For now, I'll hope you join us in celebrating this victory, in whatever way feels best to you; for us, it'll be mostly sleep!

What about the backer surveys to figure out proper rewards for pledge increases?

We'll take care of those first thing when we return!

How do we keep up-to-date now that the project is over and successful?

We added our website and social media links directly on the project page, but we'll share them again here as well:

And, of course, we'll keep posting updates to this project page as well!

Can we still get the non-limited Robot reward or the add-on packs now that the campaign has ended?

That's something Sarah and I will discuss and figure out, but I think we would like to find a way to continue to offer the add-on packs and possibly the Robot art reward to those who want them, at least up until we actually send stuff off to the printer. We'll see what we can do!

What's the best way to congratulate you both?

Leave a comment on this project page, send us a nice message over social media, or, honestly, just start telling all your friends about this awesome, unique game you backed that you'll be inviting them to play some day not too far off from now; and, while you're at it, point those friends in our direction so they can follow along and keep up to date on when they might be able to get a copy of their very own.

Thank you again, everyone!

We really can't thank you enough, all you wonderful, beautiful, perfect strangers!

One last robot high five for the time being...

Kickstarter Pitch_Moment_2.jpg

Rewatch our pitch video if you don't get why we're high-fiving with our wrists. ;)

 ...and now, we sleep...!

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