Update #19 - Project Road Map

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

We're back, refreshed, and ready to push this thing forward!

And we'd like to start by providing an overview of how we expect work will progress and an update to our time estimate.

First and foremost, the additions of the Community Content Pack and the Cat Pack, together requiring an additional 15 unique pieces, means the artistic workload on Sarah has clearly increased; so we're going to give ourselves a more conservative shipping estimate of September 2018. Doing so affords Sarah approximately 40 weeks to complete the required 31 character pieces and 25 item pieces.

Pete's workload will consist of:

  • Writing the full rules insert
  • Revising necessary card text
  • Revising card graphical layout
    * We will consider sharing a selection of final layout options for backers to vote on.
  • Discussing community contributions from Actors and Inventors
    * This will be well before Sarah finishes with the original set of Models.
  • Ensuring all backers are properly sorted for rewards and add-ons

Pete's tasks will be completed in under 40 weeks, meaning as soon as Sarah finishes the final piece, we can immediately send all files off to our printer. Then, because Print Ninja uses overseas printing, we're estimating two months from initializing the printing process up to the final product being delivered to our doorstep, at which point we turn around and begin shipping the game (and rewards) out to all of you. Print Ninja states an estimate of 6-10 weeks turnaround time, which does include 5 weeks for overseas shipping, so if things line up and we begin printing in early July, we should be on schedule to begin shipping to backers in September. 

With all that said, there's a chance Sarah could hit a stride in her process and bang out finished pieces quicker than expected -- we do, however, want her to focus on quality not speed -- but it is possible we reach our printing stage sooner than July. On the flip side, it is equally possible that unexpected issues arise along the way, causing hiccups and slowdowns. Regardless, we will keep you up-to-date on any substantial changes in our timeline and delivery estimates.

And, of course, we'll be sharing general progress updates along the way so you can see all the hard work and love we'll be putting into delivering you a final product we'll be proud of.

Why don't we just print and ship the base game first, then the add-ons later?

Our funding goal was set for a single print run through Print Ninja, it is not within our budget to pay additional setup, printing, and shipping fees for a separate run of secondary material. We apologize that this might delay the game for those who chose to forgo the add-on content packs, and we appreciate your understanding in this matter as we work within the confines of the funds we managed to raise.

In the shorter term, what can you expect from the next few weeks?

Sarah has already sent emails out to all prospective Models whom will be representing the base set of 20 characters -- the Witch will be included as a bonus character in all copies of the game, but with Sarah as that card's model (as our sample showed), and the Crowdfunder will be included as a bonus character for backers who earned it, but with Pete as that card's model. If you are potentially a Model, please check your email and reply as soon as possible; the email would have come from contact@robothighfive.games.

While Sarah is working with the Models, Pete will be setting up a system through which the game can be pre-ordered by any who missed out on backing the Kickstarter campaign, as well as continuing to offer the add-ons up until the game goes to printing. We will announce info on this as soon as the system is in place to begin accepting orders. Following that, Pete will begin drafting the official rules document, and will likely share iterations of the rules allowing backers to provide feedback.

How often can you expect official updates?

Going forward, we'll be keeping official updates (i.e. ones posted through this campaign) to a bare minimum of one monthly and a maximum of one weekly, depending on the rate at which we have information worth sharing. If you feel you haven't heard from us in a while and want to check in, you'll certainly find more frequent activity by following us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

Thanks in advance for your patience... we'll get to work now!

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