Update #2 - PAX West Day Two

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

Another great day showing at PAX West as part of the IndieMegabooth! Today we were in the Megabooth proper on the expo floor. The permanent space for IMB Tabletop showcase is located in the ACT theater, which is part of the convention center but removed from the expo floor itself; IMB rotates a few tabletop devs up to their main space each day of the show, so we got lucky and were selected for today as our floor day. It's a smaller space, which meant we could only run one demo at a time as opposed to the two we'd be running in the ACT, but it meant we had a lot more eyes glancing our direction and stopping to ask questions if not staying to get the full demo... and we did demo, pretty much nonstop all day! I know a few of today's players immediately backed this kickstarter as well, so thank you to those who did!

We are definitely planning on trying to do the Kickstarter live stream thing either tomorrow or Monday, perhaps both, since we'll be back in the ACT and it's a little bit quieter to hear the game being played. Hopefully a bunch of you will be able to watch when we do, and share with your friends to get them on board with making this project successful!

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