Update #3 - PAX West Day Three

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

Another amazing day of demoing at PAX West! We had two tables going in the ACT theater, which is where the IndieMegabooth Tabletop showcase was being held, and we literally ran demos nonstop all day, which is pretty much the best we could ask for! More players converted to backers practically immediately after playing the game, and a big high five to those who did! Tomorrow's the final day of demoing at PAX West, let's make it a big one... please keep sharing this campaign with any one you know who might like this style of game; it's such a unique offering in the genre, mixing typical social deduction mechanics with free form player improvisition and emergent storytelling, that it needs your help getting in front of like minded players. Keep sharing and we can definitely do this, thanks! 

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