Update #6 - Kickstarter Loves Us!

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

We've had a few good things we are especially happy about happen in a row:

First, and most importantly, Kickstarter has chosen to highlight us as an official "Project We Love" which is an extreme confidence booster and could be huge for our campaign's exposure! Going forward, if you're sharing our project with others, you can inform them we've been officially loved by Kickstarter!

In addition to that, we surpassed $4,000 out of our $14,000 goal, which to us was a milestone we were eager to get over because now, instead of feeling like we are counting up to our funding goal, we have a better feeling counting down from the $10k remaining.

However, we have unfortunately started to dip in momentum; hopefully being highlighted by Kickstarter will result in recapturing our traction. We were on a real good pace coming out of PAX West and over this past week, if we can get that back we will absolutely succeed in this campaign.

As part of being featured and potentially having new eyes look our way, and also due to some great advice coming from multiple sources, we've fleshed out our campaign page even further; we've merged the trailer and original pitch video together into a better pitch presentation, and we've added a bunch of visual samples into the campaign text along with visual representations for the stretch goals -- which by the way, have also been made slightly greater!

If it's been a while for yourself, take another look over our page; and please help us regain our momentum by sharing it with any and all of your friends! Remember, a tweet and a timeline share are a great show of additional support beyond just throwing more money at us... that being said, we are going to mull over the concept of introducing add-ons to the campaign; so if anyone has requests for potential add-ons, let us know in the comments!

Speaking of tweets and timeline shares, are you following us on Twitter, have you liked our Facebook page, and are you hearting our Instagrams?

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