Update #9 - Community Content Pack & New Limited Reward Tiers!

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

As you can see from the infographic, we're now offering a Limited Edition Community Content Pack as a $15 add-on (simply adjust any pre-existing pledge amount), and new LIMITED reward tiers with The Actor and The Inventor.

For those wiling to back at The Actor tier, you'll submit to us an entirely new character for the game, we'll use you as a model for the character's art on the potential and hidden role cards, and you'll receive a backer submission credit on the printed card!

And for those who feel they'd smuggle something interesting into the room, there's The Inventor tier; you'll submit to us a special item and you'll receive a backer submission credit on the printed card!

Hurry there are only 5 limited spots for each!

These backer submissions will comprise a total of 15 cards making up the Community Content Pack; if for some reason all the limited slots have not been claimed by the end of this campaign (and provided the project is successfully funded) then we will raffle off remaining slots to any backers who have increased their pledge to include the Community Content Pack as an add-on.

For anyone wondering, it is not possible to select both limited tiers from one Kickstarter account and you cannot simply increase your pledge to claim both; we want (and hope for) 10 unique submissions from 10 unique backers.

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