Update #20 - Pre-Orders Are Live!

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

Great news for your friends who missed out on backing the Kickstarter, or for any backers who missed out on the add-on packs during the campaign, the game and add-ons are now available to pre-order!

We've transferred over to Indiegogo's InDemand program, which is essentially a post crowd-funding campaign to continue to raise money and allow for pre-orders; we could have handled this ourselves through our own dedicated website, but we'd like to see what the additional Indiegogo exposure can help bring us.

Find Our InDemand Page Right Here!

If you'd like to share the link, you can do so through built in sharing options right on the InDemand page, or by directly sharing the following link:

We are continuing to offer the game and add-on packs at the same rates we ended the Kickstarter with, this includes the same shipping rates! We don't want our Kickstarter supporters to feel cheated by us messing around with any of those costs, and even though Indiegogo will be charging us a higher platform fee (since we did not run our initial campaign through them), we did not want to unfairly raise any prices either.

For those of you who have already backed for the base game and now just want the add-on packs, we are going to post a backer-only Kickstarter update (our first and likely only private update), which will detail how to do that through the InDemand campaign.

In Other News

We've updated our own website to better represent the game and us as a company putting out this product. It essentially has much of the same information that was already contained in this Kickstarter campaign, just presented in a more cohesive and focused manner. So, if you'd like, feel free to share our website link as well: robothighfive.games

Finally, now that we've got a pre-order method squared away, Pete will move on with other tasks, such as writing the rule book and exploring card layout options; and Sarah is continuing work with the Models.

Note for Models: At this point you've received both an initial inquiry email and the "consent and release of likeness" contract; if you have not already, please respond to both of those in a timely fashion. Thank you!

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