Update #22 - Backer Surveys

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

Heads Up Everyone!

Surveys for all backers will be sent out shortly after this update has been posted.

Even though the finished product is a ways off, it will help us to have the information requested by these surveys as soon as possible so that we can check off that box and there won't be confusion down the road.

Due to us having offered add-ons throughout the campaign that only required you to raise your pledge amount above the base reward amount, and some of you raised well beyond your reward amounts, it is crucial that we are on the same page as regards what rewards you are expecting. And, because a handful of you have selected no reward but actually pledged enough to warrant some, we are giving you this chance to request appropriate rewards based on your final pledge amount; note that Kickstarter only allows us to send surveys to backers who have selected a reward tier, therefore we are sending the "no reward selected" backers the survey via Kickstarter message, so if you are one of these backers please look for the survey in your message box and reply to it there.

Finally, to make matters simple for us, all backers are receiving the exact same survey; it should make sense when you see it, but if you have any questions please reach out to us via direct Kickstarter message. We anticipate one point of confusion may be the question, "Are there any additional notes you would like to make regarding your rewards (e.g. multiple add-on packs)?" This is really meant for Buddy tier backers to indicate if they are only expecting to receive add-on packs for themselves or multiple packs to go with their multiple game copies, but that text field can be used by any backer who feels they have a special rewards case which needs to be noted and paid close attention to.

Also, please note, when indicating your expected rewards, do not include any add-on packs if you pre-ordered (or will pre-order) them through the current Indiegogo InDemand campaign. You are aware you can do that if you missed out on adding them on during the Kickstarter, right? If not, see the previous, backers-only update, it will explain how to do so.

That's all for now! Thank you in an advance to all backers for promptness in filling this out and helping us get all this information squared away.

Happy Halloween!

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