Update #23 - Doh'vember 31st

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

Whoops, due to the US Thanksgiving holiday, seasonal illnesses being passed around, and other factors, we completely missed putting out a November update, forgive us!

As it is, this will be a minor update; we've mostly been dealing with a lot of behind the scenes logistics. We're happy to see that almost all of you have responded to the backer survey we sent out a little over 4 weeks ago! We are still missing a few, so if you have not yet responded to the survey, please do so at your earliest convenience; it would be awesome to go into 2018 with all of our ducks in a row.

Top action for December will be Pete contacting those who backed at the Actor and the Inventor tiers to work on their content submissions. If you are in these tiers, keep an eye out for an email, within the next few days, containing information along with an attached contract for you to sign.

On that note, there are still a few Models who have not responded to our emails and thus have not yet signed their release contracts. We will be contacting you directly shortly, but we want to use every avenue available to alert you missing Models that your responses are absolutely needed soon!

As this year wraps itself up, we hope you all manage to find happiness, whether you'll be celebrating any holidays or not. There will likely be one last of these logistic updates at the end of December, but you can all expect, and we are really looking forward to, sharing actual content updates, and maybe a few interesting surprises, come the new year!

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