Update #24 - Let's Catch Up

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

We'll start by immediately apologizing for the long delay between last update and this, time certainly got away from us. But, now, let's catch up...

Backer Survey Responses

We are pleased to see that over 90% of you have already responded to the backer survey we sent out at the end of October. There are still a few stragglers, so if you have not yet done so, please remember to fill it out; the survey is how we'll ensure the data matches on what we are anticipating sending you and what rewards you are expecting to receive.

Working through survey responses it does seem, for the most part, everything is matching up; roughly only 20 respondents have claimed potentially erroneous rewards. Those who have presented a discrepancy will be contacted to clarify and correct any confusion.

Special Thank You Credit on Website

There were some minor survey response issues with the special credit on the website reward:

  • Anyone who did not select that reward and who did not supply a name to be credited has been left off the list.
  • Anyone who did not select that reward but who supplied a name to be credited has been included on the list.
  • Anyone who selected that reward but who did not supply a name to be credited has been included on the list and credited as the name on their shipping information.

The special credit thank you list has been added to the website; please let me know if you are not on there and would like to be, or if you are on there but there is an issue with the name credited for you.



At this stage all Models have been contacted with the next steps in the process and Sarah has been hard at work transforming their posed photos into our final character card art. If you are a model and have not yet seen the email detailing the character role we've assigned you, please check your inboxes and spam folders; the email would have come from contact@robothighfive.games.

One model never responded to our multiple requests for them to sign the likeness release, so as Sarah gets closer to finishing up the full set of pieces, we may decide to offer up that spot in some way.

Community Content Pack Contributors
(Actors and Inventors)

All CCP contributors have been emailed asking for signed release contracts and initial ideas for their submissions. If you were one of these backers, please check your inboxes and spam folders; the email would have come from contact@robothighfive.games.

Personalized Robot Art

Sarah will not begin fulfillment on this reward until all aspects of the actual game are completed and sent off for printing, so if this pertains to you, don't worry, no emails have been sent regarding this particular reward.

Box Credit

Even though no one technically pledged at this particular reward tier, a few high-end contributors will be receiving this honor; we'll contact those who are once we are closer to project completion and have mocked up the layout for our printed box.

The Add-on Packs

Again, if you missed out on getting the limited edition (first print run only) Community Content Pack and/or the special (but not limited) edition Cat Pack with your initial Kickstarter pledge, you can still pre-order and receive them alongside your shipped base game by following the instructions in this backer-only update.

That's All for Now!

Starting with our next update, we will begin sharing some final game art and content! Thanks for bearing with us, and we hope you're excited for and will enjoy what's coming up!

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