Update #33 - Holiday Update

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

Hello everyone,

We're sure you're all curious what the current status of the project is and why there hasn't been an update in some time. Work still continues on final production, but at a slower pace than anticipated or intended; while we want to be as transparent as possible, sometimes that is not always an option, and as such, here's what we can share in an easily digestible format:

  • We are still having issues with some of the remaining character models; we've chosen to reduce sharing pieces per completion as that may be indicative of folks who have contributed to the delay.

  • Our original project plan did not scope for this length of time, and admittedly some of that is on us for failure to properly plan when creating content which would rely on the contributions of others, but some was outside our control (e.g. Sarah's wrist complications and necessary surgery).

  • Since we have gone beyond our original time frame, it has become necessary for us to continue life with additional work because, well, maintaining some sort of income is still a necessity.

  • Our next update will come when all of the base game work has been completed.

  • Any backers who are to contribute to the Community Content Pack at the Inventor or Actor level, you should have previously received an email way back in January, which many did not respond to. We will double check our records and reach out to all of you within this month to let you know what is expected of you and to give a firm deadline in which to respond and contribute.

Those are the main issues we wanted to address. We do especially apologize to everyone not involved in the contribution aspects, or those who were but held up their end promptly and thoroughly, which have been unfairly forced to suffer this delay.

We understand this update is a bummer, but we wish everyone happy holidays, and we'll state now that our New Year's Resolution is to get this game shipped in 2019!

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