Update #25 - First Peek

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

Here's your first look at our updated designs for the two character decks, as well as final art for some of the character roles!

We'll start with a direct comparison of the Potential Character card. Here you see the Witch as was mocked up in the prototype style during our Kickstarter campaign, followed by the revised layout.


As can be immediately seen, we've moved away from the unflattering color scheme and strangely formal layout of the prototype design. We also removed the confusing icons which were intended to "hint at" each character's goals and bonuses, choosing instead to directly state each character's win and (new) fail conditions -- victory achieved can be taken away if the fail condition is also met. All characters still have thematic bonuses, but we wish to maintain simplicity on the Potential Character cards; we do recommend newer players be given a chance to glance over the corresponding Hidden Identity cards during the initial setup period. Though we did not budget for an overly thick instruction manual, we would like to include character breakdowns inside the rule book which can be consulted by any player at any time during play, giving players of any experience equal access to all character information.

Here are the Witch's previously mocked up and newly stylized Hidden Identity cards, this is the card the player holds and keep secret.


We wanted to go for something that was more than essentially a palette swap as it was with the prototype, while also presenting a consistent (and more appropriate) theme. We've reduced flavor-text, striving to distill the essence of each character's story/motivation into a tight couple of lines. We also needed to efficiently and effectively present all relevant game goals as clearly as possible in a short-handed format; the instruction manual will define all important game terms which appear on the cards.

Here are the other three characters we'd like to share at this time: The Clone, The Mafioso, and the Medium.


In most cases, as can be seen, the player should easily read their card as:

  • Must do this.
  • Don't do that.
  • Earn bonuses for these.
  • Lose bonuses for those.

*The Witch has the rare, special case of a Preferred victory condition.

The bonus sections are less wordy, and no longer makes specific mention of bonus rolls, which was a consistent problem during testing -- players were rightly confused by the constant usage of the words role(s) and roll(s). We are still working on updating all game characters to this newer design, but unless a special case calls for it, we aim to eliminate the mental bonus tracking that some character's required by revising all bonuses to now be uniformly checked and tallied after the game has concluded. Players may continue to use our established system of rolling dice equal to the tallied number (potentially 0 through 6) in order to score themselves and determine an ultimate winner, or they can simply apply the number as their final score, though this will more often result in ties.

Again, our intention is to include character breakdowns in the instruction manual and provide expanded detail for a lot of the shorthand we are using on the cards.

Note: text and formatting are still subject to change to maintain consistency across all character cards as we continue updating them to this revised layout.

We hope you find our new designs exciting! We feel they provide a much greater thematic attachment to the game as envisioned, and we look forward to showing you the redesigned Mark and Special Item cards, as well as the backs of all the decks, in the coming months!

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