Update #26 - Mark 'Em

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

Time for another peek at some final character art along with their updated corresponding information cards, and the unveiling of the final Mark cards.

Before that, we do want to quickly mention that we will be attending PAX East next week. While we are not officially showcasing the game, we will be present at the IndieMegabooth in a volunteer capacity, and we'll certainly have our prototype readily available to demo a game of All or One to any interested players. If you're also going to PAX East and want to check out the game, feel free to reach out to us!

Pete will also be hosting a uniquely entertaining panel, entitled Indie Game Designers Modify & Play Werewolf, on Thursday evening at 9:00pm. This will be his sixth time hosting this style of panel, having done three previous years of Werewolf at PAX East and two iterations of Mafia at PAX West; Sarah will also be appearing as a return participant. If you're going to PAX East and would like a better understanding of what this panel is all about, Pete has put together a highlight reel from the past games. If you drop by to watch the hilarity play out in person, be sure to hang back and say hi after it wraps!

And now, presenting, the Clockwatcher, the Doomsayer, the Muscle, and the Saboteur:


Note: text and formatting are still subject to change to maintain consistency across all character cards as we continue updating them to this revised layout.

And here are the finalized Mark cards:


For those who aren't familiar, or may just not remember, the Mark cards are an additional player held secret card that designates another player seated either one or two seats clockwise or counterclockwise. This is not necessarily a player you are trying to "kill" and not all characters require use of the Mark, but it's a card all players hold regardless. In this month's card samples, you can see that the Saboteur requires that their Mark specifically reach their Fail condition; and in last month's update, you can see the Clone, the Mafioso, and the Medium all make unique use of their designated Mark.

That's all for this month. Hope to see, say hi, and maybe even game with some of you at PAX East if you'll be there! And looking forward to showing off more finalized cards next month!

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