Update #30 - Health Update

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

Short update this month. If you missed last month's major update, we suggest giving it a read to understand our current delay situation (as well as see a bunch of game content we were able to share).

Thank you to everyone who has wished Sarah well and sent messages of encouragement!

A few hours prior to this update being posted, Sarah was evaluated by a nerve specialist who has conclusively determined her carpal tunnel is at such a severity that surgery is, in fact, her only option to remedy it. The (not entirely) bad news as regards further progress on this project is we now must simply wait for a surgery to be scheduled and then, from that date, Sarah is looking at probably about a month in recovery time; but the (much better) good news is that carpal tunnel surgery is a relatively simple procedure which is typically expected to completely correct the issue and remove the symptoms of carpal tunnel entirely. We will continue to provide updates on this as is appropriate, and we appreciate your continued understanding and patience.

Also, a reminder, we are still seeking some replacement models to become character art; if you haven't already, please read over the recent casting specific update for details.

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