Update #29 - So You Think You Can Model

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

This update will only contain the necessary information for those interested in potentially being cast as a character model for card art. If you have no interest, feel free to skip the rest of this update.

Process Overview:

As we mentioned in our most recent update, we still have a handful of roles without models assigned; the five roles needing to be filled are:

  • The Assistant
  • The Loner
  • The Mastermind
  • The Protector 
  • The Survivalist

We are looking to actually cast (i.e. hand-select) the models for these roles. Please read the details to follow, and if you feel you might be a fit for any of them, you'll need to email us a couple of photos.

We'll require one headshot (shoulders up) and one full length body. We prefer the photos be taken new rather than sending any previously taken photos. Also, please ensure your photos are well-lit and well-focused (colors and details should be finely made out and not blend into each other).

Email your photos to contact@robothighfive.games

Selected models will be required to sign a release for likeness rights and take any additional posed photos as requested based on character.

Since most of the needed roles were not directly shown on the campaign page, we'll include the prototype image for each as a reference point.

The Assistant:


For the Assistant, we are looking for someone who has an appearance of friendly helpfulness and loyalty. This image of a business assistant used for the prototype has a lot of elements which read well: the badge lanyard, the business-casual attire, the non-descript envelope, the body indicating hurried work and multi-tasking. So, while we are not looking to simply have the model repeat this exact stance and style, if you feel you have personal materials which offer similar elements, feel free to take and provide additional pictures to demonstrate.

Character Notes: The Assistant's goal is to ensure their Mark wins, no matter what, even if it costs the Assistant's own life. Any bonuses earned by the Mark are also earned by the Assistant.

The Loner:


The Loner, as pictured, worked as prototype art, but certainly wouldn't be exciting to model for. The positive elements from this prototype art were the character turning their back toward the group and being involved in something of their solitary interest. If there's a way to convey a similar feeling with the character's face visible, that would obviously be preferable. Think of how you might dress, carry yourself, and what physical materials you might use if you were in a group/public setting and wanted to be left alone, overlooked, trying not to draw attention to yourself, feel invisible. If those suggestion inspire something, feel free to take and provide additional photos to demonstrate.

Character Notes: The Loner's goal is simply to survive; however, they earn their bonuses by not helping others, not accepting help, avoiding alliances, and not escaping as part of a group.

The Mastermind:


The Mastermind art, as pictured, has similar issues as the Loner in that it would not be exciting or fun to model a faceless character. So our intent is to reframe the idea of the Mastermind preparing this game for the other captured characters from a more personal angle. For this character we have specific directions for a posed photo:

We are seeking someone who can present a gentle face and a warm, welcoming smile as a visual facade for this otherwise sadistic character. We want a posed photo to appear as a camera-up-high, angled-down selfie. The card art will depict the character in the foreground with the sacrificial trapdoor visible on the ground behind and below. Clothing should be understated, non-attention drawing. The arm taking the selfie should be visible along the edge of the frame to help the final card art read as a selfie.

Here are other visual references to better illustrate the pose and angles:

To be considered as a model for this character, please take and provide at least one additional photo as described.

Character Notes: The Mastermind's goal is to ensure their game plays out as intended with the sacrifice of a player through the trapdoor, even their own self if necessary; however, their bonuses are earned through survival, playing it cool, and remaining unknown.

The Protector:


For the Protector, while we know we want to move away from this fantasy styled prototype character, we do not yet have a clear vision on how to interestingly modernize it. So, we are open to a wider variety of interpretation on how best to portray this character. If you feel inspired for a particular pose with appropriate material elements, feel free to take and provide additional photos to demonstrate.

Keep in mind, as will make sense from the character notes, we are not looking for any kind of characterization which protects through blatant force (e.g. cops, army, etc).

Character Notes: The Protector's goal is to ensure their Mark survives the game, no matter what, even if it costs the Protector their own life; however, their bonuses are earned by avoiding death, not killing others, and protecting their Mark from all violence.

The Survivalist:


For the Survivalist, we like the read of this prototype character and are seeking someone who can portray a road-warrior, anarchist, prepper type. Physical materials which will work well for this character include: camo, leather, hunting gear, fatigues, boots, gloves, a bandana, backpacks (and other body packs of various size), and impromptu (real or fake) weaponry (e.g. bats, blades, or firearms). Picture someone from The Walking Dead or Mad Max.

To be considered as a model for this character, please take and include at least one additional photo using appropriate material items.

Character Notes: The Survivalist's goal is simply to survive, and their bonuses are earned by avoiding any physical harm in the meantime.


While we have been unfortunately delayed due to Sarah's current wrist/hand issues, we still want to be sure we are settled on these characters as soon as possible. We will not wait for further submissions on a character if one received immediately feels like a good fit; so if you are interested, the sooner you submit photos the better your chances. Also, this call to submit for consideration will not remain open indefinitely, and we may choose to enact a speedier, alternative casting option to prevent further delays.

Thanks for your interest and we hope to *see* you soon!

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