Update #31 - Another (hopefully last) Health Update

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

Just another short update this month. Sarah has her carpal tunnel surgery tomorrow, and has been told during her consultation with the surgeon that she should expect a week or two in recovery time, but barring any unexpected complications, she should be back to full hand/wrist usage by the end of August!

Sarah would like to hopefully have a new character card or two to share by the next update, but even if not, we expect that things will be back in full swing by September.

In other news, we will be attending PAX West in Seattle (8/31-9/3), and while we are not officially exhibiting this time, we will be available to run demos of All or One. Pete will also be hosting his usual "Indie Game Designers Modify & Play" panel series with West being the Mafia variant (of Werewolf). If you'll be attending PAX West and have not seen one of these panels before, here's a highlight reel as a primer, it consists of previous years of Werewolf at PAX East, but the Mafia panels run essentially the same with some minor tweaks to the basic structure. This year's PAX West panel is scheduled for Saturday (9/1) at 6:30pm in the Cat theater.

Final note for this month, we are still making decisions on casted models for the remaining characters. If you are interested, see this previous update for information. We will be making our final decisions the week after PAX West, so don't pass on this opportunity much longer if you are interested!

Once again, thank you all for your patience, and we look forward to sharing game content again real soon!

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