Update #36 - FAQ on project status, estimated ETA, and future updates.

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

This update is to address the sporadic inquiries we receive. This is essentially a FAQ regarding current status and future updates.

Is there a new estimated ETA?

We do not currently have an updated ETA that we feel confident in sharing. Once we do, we will absolutely be sharing it everywhere we should be, which would include an update to this Kickstarter first and foremost. There is no scenario wherein we would have an ETA to share and somehow not inform our backers.

Is this project still actively being worked on?

Yes. We have been continuing to work on it in some capacity since the campaign ended with successful funding.

Has my money been lost to a bad project/dishonest team?

No. We are still working on delivering this project and have no intentions on abandoning it.

Can I receive a refund?

No. As we have stated previously, because we just managed to reach our funding goal with no wiggle room, we cannot offer any refunds without potentially jeopardizing our ability to fully deliver this project for all backers.

Why have communications (i.e. backer updates) and project transparency decreased?

We believe it is no longer beneficial for you the backers nor for us the creators to continually push updates of no consequence or merely offering excuses for delays. It makes much more sense for us to just diligently continue our work and provide a noticeable update of importance once it becomes time to do so.

Why is such a seemingly simple project taking so long to complete?

First, no project is as simple as it seems from the consumer end. Looking back with knowledge gained, we understand our error in improperly scoping a project which would include content provided by outside sources; were we able to turn back time, we would not offer all the community involvement that we did, even if it would have meant not reaching our funding goal. But, as we cannot revert, we must continue forward and make the best decisions we can in regard to what, not when, we are expected to deliver.

What step of the project are you currently on?

We are currently still finalizing portions of the base game as well as working on and making decisions regarding the community content pack.

When can we expect more information to be shared?

We cannot provide any dates/times but the reason for this update is to address certain concerns which occasionally pop up in the comments section and/or through other contact methods. We do not expect to update again until we feel confident in sharing a large portion of fully completed work.

How hard could this be?

While we greatly appreciate that the majority of our backers are simply being patient with us, we do also fully understand why others have grown concerned or impatient, so we’d like to remind you all that this project is being undertaken by just two people who are not perfect, have made some mistakes in both planning and execution of project scope, have had to deal with circumstances outside our control causing delays, and who now have to juggle continued work on this project along with daily life, day jobs, and many unrelated projects which have each suffered their own delays as a result of this project being overdue; all that is to say, we are doing the best we can.

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