Update #34 - The Update Update

Added on by Pete Vellucci.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your patience between updates, it has been a long time since the last one. Let us just get right to what you all want to know, the current status of this project -- rest assured, we have been and are continuing to progress on it!

As of right now, we finally(!) have all character reference photos for the base roles. While you may be rightfully wondering just what the hell took so long, all we can say is that there have been a lot of factors which had to be taken into consideration and, regrettably, it is not a matter for which we can offer full transparency. But, with those particular issues behind us, and as Sarah finishes her work on the remaining character art, we can now turn our attention to another matter...

The Community Content Pack.

As of now there are still two (of five) unfilled Character submissions and four (of five) unfilled Special Item submissions. Despite numerous emails, some of the backers from those special reward tiers simply never responded. So, we are going to open submissions up to ALL backers, and we will cherry pick our favorites to fill the remaining spots.

We will be accepting submissions up through the end of May.

If you would like to submit an idea for either a game character or a special item, you must do so as a [backer] comment to [the kickstarter or indiegogo] update and by answering the following questions (note that some questions are optional, intended for those who feel familiar enough with our game, but will not affect our selection decisions):


  • What is the name/title of the character? (Keep in mind the name is the defining aspect for that character's motives, goals. and bonuses; if you're unfamiliar, our current character names are as follows, "The": Assistant, Athlete, Clockwatcher, Clone, Crowdfunder, Date, Doomsayer, Infected, Kid, Layabout, Loner, Lunatic, Mafioso, Martyr, Mastermind, Medium, Muscle, Protector, Psychologist, Saboteur, Survivalist, Witch) 

  • What is this character's backstory of the reason for them having been trapped in the room? (This should be expressed through a single, well-structured sentence; this is the character's flavor text but card space is very limited.) 

  • Optional: What makes sense to you as this character's win/fail conditions?

  • Optional: What makes sense to you as this character's bonuses/penalties?

  • Optional: What do you imagine this character looks like?

  • Optional: Are there any other comments you would like to express about this character?

Special Items:

  • What is the name of the item? (The name essentially dictates how the item will be mechanically implemented into the game. If you're unfamiliar, our current special items are as follows: Dossier, Duct Tape, Energy Drinks, Fake ID, Notepad & Pen, Pair of Dice, Pheromones, Skeleton Key, Tinfoil Hat, Watch, First Aid, Forearm Shield, Peace Treat, Smelling Salts, Zip Tie, Bullhorn, Flyswatter, Gun, Mousetrap, Pocket Knife) 

  • How and why would a player use this item within the context of the game? (The item cards do not have any flavor text, but this is for you to tell us what makes this item "special".) 

  • Optional: Which game mechanic(s) does your item affect or is affected by? (Examples of some mechanics affected by items: mental states, die rolls, other items, other cards, game rules. Note that all current items have been specifically designed to affect almost every mechanic of the game, therefore we are not looking for submissions that fill a gap but rather those which seem like enjoyable supplemental content.) 

  • Optional: Should this item card be allowed to be revealed without requiring use; should it have any reveal effect? (An example is the Dossier, which may be publicly revealed without use, but which has a reveal effect of determining which player's information is contained within the Dossier for that game.) 

  • Optional: How often may this item be used? (Examples: repeatedly, once per round, once per game, once per player per round, variable determined per game) 

  • Optional: Are there any other comments you would like to express about this special item?

That's all for this update. Our next update, which can be expected in early June, will announce which submissions we've selected.

We will also be closing the option to pre-order around that time, so consider this a last call, if you do know anyone who might like to purchase their own copy, this month is very likely their final chance -- we honestly just don't know what the future holds regarding any additional print runs of this niche game.

We'd like to close with a very sincere thank you from the both of us to those of you who have expressed words of encouragement and support throughout all these unexpected setbacks. Your kindness is seen, heard, and truly helps.


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