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Robot High Five is a game design partnership between life partners Pete Vellucci Jr and Sarah Landstrom.

We follow one simple mission statement, "Create playfully. Play creatively."

Very whimsical, but who, actually, are you?

Pete has a background in the games industry, dipping his toe into games journalism, community management, and video game development before focusing on tabletop game design; he has freely released experimental projects in the past (many of which can be found on itch.io).

Sarah is a person of many talents: singing, photography, fashion design, and visual arts to name a few. She currently runs an online shop for personalized pet portraits, some of which have found shelf space in a few cat-specific Portland establishments.

While we both individually express ourselves through myriad creative outlets, as a design team we have primarily joined our efforts together to focus on tabletop games. As a pair, we began designing games together in the spring of 2016, with Pete focusing on core systems and narrative design and Sarah handling co-design tasks while also bringing our ideas to life through her artistic skills.

Both of us possess a love for well designed tabletop games, especially those in the social deduction genre, and we are currently working through the final, post-Kickstarter funded stages of producing our first major release, All or One: The Sacrifice Your Friends Social Deduction Game!

Okay, so why did you design this particular game?

Pete initially began designing All or One in 2014, with Sarah joining on in 2016. The initial inspirations for the game were Pete's fascination with puzzle room style movies, such as Saw, Cube, and Exam, and adoration for social deduction games especially Werewolf/Mafia.

We feel that a lot of recent social deduction offerings have started leaning too heavily into party style games, reducing emergent player storytelling and interactions in favor of regimented mechanics. Our aim with All or One is to give players permission to act and interact in whatever way they prefer, ultimately mixing social deduction with improvisation/role-playing. New players tend to spend their first game or two wrapping their heads around the loose mechanics and lack of turn order, and then begin to realize how freely they can approach the situation within the playground we've constructed.

It's a game designed for infinite replayability with an ever increasing fun factor the more experienced and knowledgeable of the interplay between roles a player becomes.

This was our Kickstarter pitch video:

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